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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 9:59 pm  Reply with quote

**Amazingly enough, this is still a work in progress. Tell me what ya think.**

I tell the tale of Alpine
the greatest king of all
though the greatest of his warriors
made to make him fall
But the armies of the world combined
all the traps and poisons they could spring
did little to destroy Alpine
the mightiest of kings!


A day long past was clear and bright
and Alpine had no fears
yet arrows seeked to run him through
and poisons brought him tears;
they were meant to slay the mighty man
but found his friends instead
so the king decided quietly
that he would have the head

Of the man or men that meant him ill
first he would find, then he would kill
these foul creatures one by one
and then his sword would simply run
them through!

(A pause)

The night that followed that bright day
found Alpine sitting by his bead
brooding about the man or men
that surely hoped to see him dead
but knocking on his chamber door
gave Alpine pause from thought
and in strode Darrul, High Templar
and Alpine's brave servant

"My lord," he said quiet enough
allowing Alpine's door to close
"I know of men who plot 'gainst you
friends who have become your foes.
My brothers Templar hope to see
your deat by the week's end
But I won't let this come to be
my Lord, my King, my Friend."

"Dear Darrul," spoke the king at last
"What makes the Templar hate me so?
Have I been crule, asked far too much?
Or not given enough to show
my great appreciation for
their loyalty and deeds?
Has land and monies by themselves
failed to meet their needs?

"Never!" Quoth Darrul loudly
"Your payment has always been great.
But greed is greater, so it seems
the Templar want, they do not hate.
They want the lands that you control
Great Burnsend, that you've made.
They want to take your kingdom, Lord,
wealth and power's what they crave."

"Alas!" Cried Alpine, head in hands
"Whatever can be done?
Is there no-where a greedless man
that has a chance to run, be it
or slaves
or wealth galore
Does every living man crave more?"

"Good Alpine," Darrul told his king
"The Templar's weaknesses are clear;
strip them all of their titles high
make pigs alone their peers.
Or even still execution
would end the foul business outright.
The men'd be dead with no quarrels then
and dead men go without a fight."

Alpine looked at Darrul, his friend
at last he said "Though that would end
the threat of Templar seeking my head
once tell of such harsh action spread
my people'd surely rise in arms
and enemies too, for doing harm
both to the Templar and to me
for losing such men has hidden fees.

"The millitary would be quite weak
our kingdom's future would be bleak
until the Templar was renewed
and even then I fear a feud
from those that followed the Templar High
if all those men were to just die
by my own hand, why, that would stir
a crusade to avenge Martyrs."

"Perhaps," He said, his eyes still dull
"That is the only way.
I'll have the Templar's title stripped,
I'll make the writ today.
For though we'd lose great warriors
my safety I will gain
but by no means will any
of these men be royally slain."

"Good Darrul" Alpine said, resigned
I charg you, scour our ranks.
Great warriors you must find
that will rise to take the place
of the Templar who, tomorrow
will be stripped of lot and land
but thsee men you find must be greed-less
and taught to understand

And so Darrul, High Templar
left Alpine to begin
and the King made out his orders
royally signed and sealed, and then
after half-a-glass of brandy
the good king went to bed
the doors and windows barred and locked
for those that wished him dead.


The morning came
chased dark away
the dawn passed on
another bright day
the perfect sort
for Firing, Alpine hoped

His papers sent
his orders made
the Templar summoned
and they came
recieved their discharges
and out they moped

The ceremony was quite fast
the Knights were handed scrolls
and a purse, their pay for severence
full of silver, jems and gold
Alpine left them with this message
a final Knightly decree:
"If ever you threaten me again
Death surely will find thee!"

He was a good king.


A year passed for King Alpine
and Darrul had served him well;
then men he'd found and trained himself
were greedless, truth can tell.
The rarest breed of man around
cared not at all for wealth
and Alpine loved his Templar
and thought his a lucky self.

One day Alpine was riding
his Templar at his side
simply making sure in Burnsend
that all was well. He tried
as best as a king ever could
to keep life fair and bright.
But that day he and his Templar
met an unexpected sight.

Before them on the country road
stood horses fair and tall
and the riders of the horses fair
were knights, with lances all.
Alpine recognized the warriors
all trapped in gear for war
as the Knights he'd stripped of rank and land
only a year before

"King Alpine!" Quoth one of the knights
his voice boomed clear and true
"Today we former Templar take
our vengence upon you.
'Tis true we mean to have you slain
but recall thy decree:
Although we threaten you again
Death awaits you, not me!"

Then lances leveled
shileds brought to bear
Darrul's war-horn
called Combat's name.
Great steeds were spurred
on either side
to start the charge
and start the game.
Three knights were felled
their armor pierced
by lance and spear
though both do maim.
The Knights turned back
and charged again
in hopes to do
more of the same.

And Finally each warrior's spear
or lance broke, so they turned around
And both sides drew their shining swords
and went from horse to fight on ground
they met again in combat
shield to shield and sword to sword
the Knights to slay King Alpine
Templar to defend their lord

Battle waged for a day or more
each side was fairly matched
but one by one knights on both sides
began to fall. At last
there was only one knight standing
that is, one knight and one king
and the two stood on the battlefield
both men's strength waning

"Alpine," The Knight said loudly
both is sword and shield hung low
"Burnsend will be kingless now
It's time for you to go.
I said that Death awaits you
and of this I did not lie
I'll send you down to Hell today
and I'll take to the sky."

"Sir Knight, I hope you understand
that if I go to Hell
I will take your own soul with me
and you'll come to know me well."
Alpine said this with a snarl
then brought sword and shield to bear
and all at once both warriors
were filled with dark despair.

Two blades past through two brestplates
two knights most surely slain
but Alpine managed to smile
even despite his pain
"Well, it seems I'll get to know you yet
Hell waits for you and mee.
Look forwar to our meeting
that'll last eternally."

Then the warriors fell
and blood ran free
'Till hearts beat nevermore
And the Devil chose one soul to keep
but Heaven evened up the score...


Alpine awoke atop a cloud
and strangely felt no pain
He could see he was not in Hell
that fact was truly plain
There were men in robes convening
and they seemed to speak of him
then quietly one man stepped fourth
and spoke "We shall begin."

"Good Alpine," quoth the robed man
"For long years you've fought for right
Almost no-one in fair Burnsend
beds with Hunger at the night
All the people of your kingdom pray
for you and yours to live
and 'though I've saved your sould here today
Life I just can not give

Burnsend is doomed, I think good king
with you no longer there
Alas, though all the bards do sing
Other kingdoms don't care
Your great kingdom will crumble
without leadership from you
and as I've said before
there's really nothing I can do

"I offer you a choice, Alpine
that you can take or leave
Eternal peace and happiness
are what you will recieve
if you stay here forever
You will naught worry again
but you've got another choice;
You can go back amongst your peers.

"A spirit, ever you shall be
to fight, to fly, to find
all the things in life that you missed out
the things you left behind
But alas, you may grow weary
though there's nothing we can do
you'll be a spirt evermore
But the choice, is up to you."

Alpine looked up and thought
Eternal peace? That would be nice
Never to worry ever again...
but at what price?
At least existing in the world
he'd have something to do
He feared he'd grow quite bored
with no-one that he knew

"Send me back," He said at last
"These clouds, they hurt my eyes.
I'd rather be back on the earth
than here, among the skies.
I wish to travel evermore
and see what I can see
I'll finish up when world ends
but at least I will be free."

The robed man nodded silently
and Alpine
knew no more.
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