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PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2004 12:31 am  Reply with quote

I'm an older child in my family. New grandkids and nephiews and the such to buy for, and little ol' me stuck without as many presents. Ah well, less crap to carry to the car, but that's not what the corporations say. "Want more! you need more! MORE STUFF!"

Nah. I wondered why my family (on my dad's side) celebrated Christmas at all. None of us are devout Christians (few of us are really religious at all). For a while I assumed the worst in my family, thinking that they used Christmas as an excuse for their greed to come out, so that they could take all they could grab from others. But this year I changed my thoughts. None of my family is poor, but none of us are wealthy either, and as such, times being hard, nobody got too much from anybody. Yet we all congregated Christmas eve at my aunt's house and stayed 'till well after Santa came and went, with less than a score of presents being opened all told. Swapping stories from my aunt's and parent's childhoods, telling jokes and stories and discussing plans and the like from the comming year. We were all happy to be together.

Yes, we use Christmas as an excuse, I decieded... but not to take and get and recieve... well, not presents at least. We use it to come together and get as many stories and hugs and jokes as possible. Oh, nothing beats a Christmas hug! but then, a Christmas hug is the same as any other hug... just on Christmas. Same as one you get after a recital or a performance or simply a reunion. Of course, you get alot more hugs on Christmas eve... but so many hugs do little to cheapen them. It's like cracking a piggy-bank that you've been saving in all year, I suppose. It's a good thing.

So Christmas eve when I was headin' out to my idiling truck with the little crap I got, I was happy. After all, that new fleece pullover was nice out in the cold, and I snagged a hug from my aunt on the way out. Christmas, I've decided, is a good excuse.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 9:14 pm  Reply with quote

I defnitely agree with that. I did get a fair bit of stuff, but it's much more fun to get to talk with my sadly decreasing close family. I only get the chance to see my grandfather and two aunts (dads side) and my grandmother (moms side), because they're all thats really left. Its also generally kinda weird for me around close times like this, because i keep getting reminded that since I was adopted that there's a huge chance that I wouldn't be where I am right now.
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