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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2004 8:21 pm  Reply with quote

Well i was flipping through the memberlist and i got to looking at websites. The Renegade Blue has a couple of very interesting and thought provoking poems, here's one of them:

There Is Not

There is not
a link between us,
past connections
broken gone.
I turned away
from all your heartlessness
and to burning darkness
I return.
You stand in spotlights,
on clean washed floors,
holding all gazes
but mine. For I
rule another world,
and I claim the streets
of the forgotten.
I reign from dark
back alleys, in control
of all the lost.
My vast connections
encircle yours,
and you will never know.
You cannot fight
what you canít see,
and you have never
looked at me.
Once I wished
to be your friend,
and for your hand
I fought.
I used to think
there was something in common
but now I know
there is not.
-The Renegade Blue

(I even got all fancy and put his name in italics at the bottom...TOLD YOU I WAS HARDCORE!) Anyway...um....yeah....back to the poem.

While at its core its clearly about relationships and interaction, the entire perceptions part, ruling a different kingdom. About an unseen power that he commands, and yet by working from the shadows conceals. Its much like the personality that we maintain behind closed doors, lest society cast us from it. At least thats what i got from it. Go check out his site, its in the link below.

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