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PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2004 10:44 pm  Reply with quote

Considering I'm not actually expecting a responce to this post, I'll be brief.

Older people do not simply lose their intellegence, personality, and experiences. So they do continue to grow as a person, and they do play a fairly important role in the grand child generation by passing on their experiences and also serving as something of a protector for the children. But their direct role in the gene pool is over.

Many of the things science tells us about cannot be experienced by humans. For example, science tells us that if you were pulled into a black hole you would be crushed down to the size of a carbon atom, but there's no way to do it and then talk about it. So the map is the best we can do. We can't learn the terrain of the universe because it's simply too large, so thinking about what it would be like is again, the best we can do. We aren't trying to break down the universe into one theory, we're trying to figure out the aspects of the universe using many theories.

Why isn't the universe rational? There are too many things going on when we perform an action for us to predict and control them all, but those things still exist, and we can measure their effects, if only we know to look. Einstien also said do not worry about your math troubles, for I can assure you that mine are far greater. Einstine also proved his theories as best he could, regardless of how he came up with them. Again, you have a theory looking for evidence. I do use the right side of my brain for many things. I am a budding artist, I write stories, and I come up with storylines and characters faster than I can write them down, so many are forgotten. Your logic train about the eye of the paridox completely throws me.

No, I don't do drugs, and I will not go get high for a theory. I asked you if your experiences were based off of hallucinogens, and you said no. Why the change?

I came to the conclusion many posts ago that this was a dead thread. It was fun debating with you, but I still disagree. ^_^
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