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PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2004 7:27 am  Reply with quote

it started off and i was riding thiss horse, and suddenly it went mad and was bucking and jumping and galloping etcetc, but i do horseriding, and im good, so i stayed on, the horse ran into a town and was bonkers people were staring at me wierd, i dismounted, and the horse ran off, i was in like a market square and there was a show going on, i sat down and watched it, orlando bloom was in it (wehey!) so i got a bit bored, and then they asked if i wanted a part in the play so i did, i cant remember what i did, but anywho, when id finished i walked away down a backstreet where i found loads off people i know, i hugged one of them and walked round with him, but i remembered i needed to ring someone and that it was really important, but he told me that we were going out first, so i out on a really short skirt a wierd top and big heeled boots which really hurt my feet.
We went to a fair and on this dodgy, like ripsaw (dya no wota mean?) and my shoes fell off.....lol, so i told him i needed toring omeone, he gave me loads of change and carried me into thetown centre, where there were lots of phone boxes, i went into everysingle one and dialed a number, when someone answered i put money in then put the phone down and went into the next phone box, i did this for about 8 boxes, then in one i reme,mbered the important call, my mate was shouting me, i remember the number i dialed, i think, it was 09115 summet (so i cant really remember!) all the peole i knew were leaving, my mate said he had to go, but it was a really important call i ave no idea why.... someone answered and i had no coins, i found a few 1ps but the didnt go in the slot....... i dunno about the us but in england the reciever cant hear you until you out money in, so they were sayin hi and tryin to find out who it was etcetc and i was shouting trying to get them to hear, but the couldnt and put the phone down.
I ran after my friend in tears and he hugged me loads, before i found the horse i was riding at the beginning, and went back to the show in the market square thing.
It felt like a big circle?????
and it was one of the clearest dreams yet.....

essay i know, sorry.....
can you please do my nightmare, its still bugging me!!
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2004 10:49 pm  Reply with quote

Well it even SEEMS like a big circle, couldnt really say for sure what its about...but since im the first one here to read it lets have a go!

Well it could be your subconcious tryin to tell you what its like every day for it, and trying to say "i like this" or "i hate this, stop being boring"

Or it could be a premonition, never know, might need to make a phone call sometime and someone gives you loads of change. Ive had a couple premonitions of my own future a couple times (and no, i wasnt doped up) and realized it...was always a couple years later though.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2004 7:35 am  Reply with quote

ye, i did need to make an important phonecall though, i think thats why i dreamt about one, but i dialed the wrong number, in real life when i actually did ring up the person the didnt answer and i cant get throo 2 dem.......

maybe it was a premonition....

(please sum1.....beest.....help me wiff my nightmare, its bin there 4 ages and im still unsure, iv read loads of books but theyre crap)
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The Source
PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2004 1:01 pm  Reply with quote

I've looked hard at it (your dream essay) and can't really figure alot out, but i guess its b/c i don't kno u very well. But here's a thought i guess it depends on who the person that u had to call was (in real life). Seems like a major moral could be wrong timing or that everyone (that u called) symb. people in real life, that were asking help for a problem with someone else and by the time u knew what to do it was too late
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PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2004 2:03 pm  Reply with quote

maybe........ its from a while ago now this dream, its not fresh in my mind anymore
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