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PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2003 8:38 am  Reply with quote

But the point is, you were comparing two humans who have evolved into different natural forms, and judging the naturalness of one against the other. (is there a broken record in this thread?) That's the point. You can't do that

And why not? we have every right in world too, because we can believe whatever we choose to believe. and watch us do it.

See, this is something I hear a lot, yet doesn't make sense. Evolution happens over millions of years, and yet we only have a recorded history that goes back about, say 6000-10 000 years or so. How can you make statements like that then?

Um....because thats all we have to go on? you have none either, so you cant say that either. and i can make statements because thats what i believe and what seems to be inferred through history.

How am I pessimistic, and how (exactly) do I "sound like a goth"?

because according to your post the world is shit and we're all in trouble and nothings going to be good again. simply add in about jocks beating you up and its perfect!

What opinion swapping? Are you guys reading imaginary posts I can't see that I make in my sleep or something?

referring to the 4 page rant that you said in your next post didnt matter.

More people are coming onto the board. You and your little group of boys can't just degenerate the threads into action-play posts anymore. Intelligent discussion is required for this board to live up to its name.

i'm sorry. pull the bug out of your ass and deal with it. randomness and humor is another part of the mind we so enjoy contemplating with. if you cant accept that then you really cant say that accept most of the stuff on this forum now can you? besides it will continue regardless of what you do, so smile! you're on candid camera!

oh and of all the members we have, 18 have no posts, and 17 have less than five. just because more people come doesnt mean they will A) be active or B) be driven away by the occasional fun we poke at. not all are like you, remember. (im not saying not posting is a BAD thing, just pointing out. sorry if it makes ya feel bad.)
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