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PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:31 am  Reply with quote

This is a trend I have noticed recently: people, in general, have begun acting immediately on things instead of properly assessing the situation they are reacting to. I speak in terms both grand and closer to home, and have been astounded how prevalent it is.

I should clarify, the part they do not think about is the effect their actions have on the environment they are a part of, be it people, city, country, or world, thinking only of themselves in an endless cycle of thought that only promotes an eventual collapse under selfish behavior.

This can be any number of things of any scale, from fuel companies buying up prototype replacements to the internal combustion engine to friends not understanding their actions cause problems for others, but in the end it seems to serve nobody best.

Perhaps it's time that we all took a step back and think about things before we embark upon them, or perhaps not, though the end result of not DOES tend to be more on the detrimental side.
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