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PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2004 12:31 pm  Reply with quote

We've been talking alot about this in Psych class recently, and i thought i'd bring it up here, nature or nurture, what do you think?

I personally am, though a partial combination of both, definitley nurture based. Recently its been bugging the crap out of me that people believe that development is entirely predetermined, while there have been as many unexplicable good deeds as bad deeds on the planet, whereas good deeds dont make good news coverage so nobody ever hears about them. Now i dont know who else knows this, but since i'm adopted, i've been contemplating how different my life could have turned out if i hadnt been adopted by my parents. I went through a good deal of tough times, but they were always there for me, they've always been patient with me and trusted me, and i havn't let them down yet.

For instance, in elementary school, grades 4-6 give or take, i was basically cast away from any truly close friends, and was picked on a lot. My parents would tell me, whenever i came home, that i should be the better person and walk away, and i always did. Why is this relevant? simple, because of how they helped me along, i developed into someone who wants to help others, as opposed to hurt others. I developed a theory that there are three basic paths you can take from a given incident:

Negative: I was abused, so i've got rights to abuse others
Neutral: Oh...okay then. time to move on.
Positive: That was a living hell. i'll never do that to anyone and try to prevent it from happening whenever i can.

Now anyway, now that the personal background and reasoning behind its out of the way, time to move onto different style of presentation. I said that i believed in a compilation of both, explanation time! Scientists are claiming that everything has a gene for it. Obesity, atheltic ability, sexual preference (as the media said: GAY GENE!), anger, and others. This may be of some truth, however we all have all the genes, some more prevalent than others. It seems to me that based on the raising, the given genes will become more or less active and dominant. Even if somenoe has a homicadal tendencies gene, if they are raised right and given the proper belief system, even with the gene they will not become a murderer, even if the capability is there. Or in less eloquent words, they could also be taught to use their desire for a good cause, by state standards, after all someone who could go around killing anyone who breaks the law or just needs to disappear would be a major benefit to some, no? Even so, bottom line, people can be taught to override or to refocus their tendencies, even if the gene is supposed to develop and rule over their every waking moment, thats my take on it at least. Anyway, my rants done, incoherent and no easy links as usual, so on with the show! thoughts?
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 12:46 pm  Reply with quote

lol that gay gene - remember that at crosby sky!
We've been doin about nature n nurture n psychology too and well its a bitta both! lol
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:44 pm  Reply with quote

wow, I can't belive I missed this topic. Anywho, people are created by their surroundings and how they interact. One is not extremely violent simply because their genes cause them to be, they're violent because their parents/siblings are violent and they arn't taught otherwise.

I would like to, if I may, take most children as an example. Most young children seem 'innocent' and whatnot. Why's that? Not because they havn't grown into their full potential of blood-sucking death-dealing creatures, but because they havn't been taught to be. A lion is not born a man-eater, it is taught that men are easy to catch and kill by seeing it done. Same with bears. Same with children. They grow up (to an extent) based on what they grow up in. They can (and often do) choose to change this, but mostly they arn't. There's always an exception, but this is the rule.

At least, I think so.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 1:16 pm  Reply with quote

this is just what ive been putting in my last post, wondering if you think that people are evil, or what not, or if they learn it, but people can live in a perfect (i say perfect, but dont take me literally) environment and still be bad, or they can live in a cruel n evil environment and be great!! i mean everybody is unique, and whatever the situation may be everyone react and is affected by it differently, take the perfect situation, you may respect the situation or you may rebel against it etc, its just peoples different ways.....

thats my view anyway
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