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PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 2:20 pm  Reply with quote

No, i got the point entirely, however there is a simple solution to that very paradox in which both sides continue their current name and spirit, so i stated it, its a twist of words and such that makes it possible, no?

...faith is a type of trust...regardless of what you try to warp it, faith is a type of trust, blind trust in some instances, yes, however when i say "you have faith in science" i mean trust.

Yes i have been following the advances, they are a very intriguing area for me actually, and while we indeed have problems regarding resetting the age of cloned cells, the theory is out there, and therefore its entirely plausible, its just a dangerous thing to play god, i was using it as an example, and if you messed around with enough hormoes and DNA you can make something from a human that is nothing of the sort and a completely different organism.

Actually, proof is if you try something and it works, and you can do it again, definition wise, but im not playing word games. In any case, evidence can be manipulated, and many times is, that was my point.

Allright, so you dont believe in intelligence beyond our planet? simply because there's no proof? my point is simple, a good many theories make sense, and thus people believe in them, with or without evidence, and by your own definitions you dont believe in the big bang theory, or extinction of the dinosaurs, because there is no true hard proof of either event, just a very plausible theory, and thats what you never acknowledge.

and yet...the british played gods as long as they could until financial difficulties regarding wars made their colonized empires crumble, and they packed up and left, thtas all...and you think that if they hadn't had other innovations that africans would have believed it? of course not, and what do you mean didnt have any effect? the entire fucking african belief system pertains to a crisis of the modern world! the fact that europeans bugged off and left the boundaries as they lie today caused the genocidal type atrocities in africa. If the europeans etc. hadnt fought with guns, they'd not only have most likely been slaughtered, but even if they won they wouldnt have had the stranglehold they did...it changed the entire freakin continent...not important...right.

Oh, sorry about that. i thought i had answered it. I'd listen to his reasoning, and if it was interesting enough i would incorporate it, if it wasnt, i'd accept him for it. thats all there is to it, though i am positive i said that in an earlier post.

...okay...you do realize that i was referring to your pathetic attempts to analyze the metaphysical explorations that transport put forward right? i was saying that since you dont understand them at all, and dont ever want to budge and try to, just stop trying because you kill the entire point...so your entire paragraph about uncertainty is kinda...pointless. i dont have a problem with you asking me to question them at all, i do it myself all the time, and readily doubt them sometimes as well, however thats a core point of beliefs, you test them and see if they hold true. I've stated that a couple of times before i think, and you just never manage to understand that either i guess. You're not the first to battle me, and i've got a good many posts of it under my belt when the need arises, rememember that much.

Your entire point is ironic in the last paragraph, because you make your world in regards to the advances of science, the only difference between your beliefs and mine is that yours are exclusively based on science, and maybe you should realize that? Your world is entirely based and warped upon things that you read about and other people claim to have done, but if you read it in some respectable place and the story turned out to be a hoax, what then? my point is that even in the real world everything can be faked, including data, and even so you still choose to create your world in such a way. Anyways, thats all i've got to say about that for now, its the second day back in school for me and i'm zoned out from lack of sleep already.
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