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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 1:27 pm  Reply with quote

if told u already bowt dis book i found in a book store by looking right at the back of a shelf behind all other books, and that you read 6 phrases for 6 days 6 times a day etcetc, n then have a day of rest which then brings you enlightenment, you should try it, its rather spooky actually

coz every phrase if learnt has basically come true, or iv noticed the meaning of it in my surroundings..... erm lemme fink of an example.....
chane and certainty are one, a friend said to me that i might be having an interview with a college, it was chance which day id have it on, but complete certainty id have one, and the phrase sprung to mind...... loads uvvas av appened too, but as i sed im too tired from exams so..............

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